Tecnica Press is a modern company, a leader in metalworking for the production of funeral accessories such as handles, crosses, plaques, urns and many other custom items; as well as sought-after funeral furniture for burial chambers, all proudly Made in Italy. Complementing the offer is a wide range of first-rate accessories, tools and utensils dedicated to professionals in the funeral trade.


The entire production process of Tecnica Press is in-house, constantly administered and directly monitored: from the selection of raw materials, to design, sampling, casting, surface treatment and painting, and ending with packaging and shipping.

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Present in the market since the 1970s, Tecnica Press is about to achieve its 50-year milestone, strengthened by a renewed technological and production structure, but retaining the same passion and tenacity that have always driven it. It is precisely this unquenchable entrepreneurial and creative spirit that has led Tecnica Press to become one of the leading companies in the funeral accessories business in Italy, thoroughly consolidating its market presence in every region.

Immediately following this, Tecnica Press established itself on the large European scene, where it soon gained a prominent place, offering innovative, functional and well-designed solutions; it thus became a real point of reference among funeral item manufacturers, even at international levels.

Tecnica Press has been playing a prominent role for decades, standing out among the leading players in the funeral accessories trade, a company that, thanks to its know-how, to its strategic approach to production, and continuous innovation, defends its prominent role; so much so that it is taken as an example by many competing companies. All this translates into a concrete ability to expand its offer, anticipate trends, and meet the needs of every customer.

As well as this, the secret of Tecnica Press’ success lies above all in the harmony and relationship of deep trust that it establishes with clients and collaborators; a synergy made possible only by offering the highest quality, professionalism, dedication and sensitivity in the face of every request.

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