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Funeral items

Handles, crosses, plaques, cinerary urns, furnishings and many other personalized items

Each product made to design can be customized according to the customer’s needs.

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Tecnica Press - Ottone massiccio

Solid Brass

One of the most appreciated metals since Roman times

Maximum quality without compromises. Its properties make it the first choice for articles related to the funeral sector.

Solid Brass
Tecnica Press - Lega speciale Zama

Special alloy

Our technical zamak: economical, ecological and resistant

Unbeatable value for money. Up to 10 times more impact resistant than aluminum and twice as resistant to yield.

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Tecnica Press operaio lavorazione

Leading company in Europe in metal processing for the funeral sector

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Are you looking for quality products, 100% Made in Italy?

Tecnica Press caters to a specialized clientele of companies and agencies in the industry.
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